AlUla Bike Park


Site concept
Management and Operation

About the project

In 2020 Warrior Group won the tender to design, build and operate a Bike Park and supporting facilities for The Royal Commission for AlUla. The incredible landscape and rocky mountains provided a biking playground to rival the best throughout the world. 

Our design had to include operating infrastructure and facilities, as well as a customized coffee shop, customer experience center, and large viewing deck. It was important to the client that the design was not only iconic but stayed within the AlUla design guidelines and was harmonious with the surrounding environment. Our approach was to design an experience that delivered on all aspects while guaranteed minimal environmental impact and was portable enough that it could easily be moved to a new location with relative ease. The over 1.3km of trails, berms, jumps, and rollers are only the first stage of this exciting project with the potential future expansion to double the size of the offering.

As part of our mission is to impact every community we touch, we have ensured that where ever possible local suppliers were used throughout the project and that we employed and trained local staff, providing them with adventure experience and technical know-how. On top of this, we partnered with a leading local café to be part of the Bike Hub, generating additional revenue streams and creating the ideal atmosphere. 

Customer testimonial

“The Bike Park was a really fun experience, the whole setup is great and the scenery is incredible. We had a blast.”

Kate Jorgensen

Bike Park client