United Arab Emirates

In 2014 Warrior Group decided to develop their flagship obstacle course brand, Desert Warrior Challenge. It was launched in October of the same year as Dubai’s first event of its kind and still stands as the country’s only surviving homegrown brand.

Over the past 8 years, the event has been delivered 10 times in cities such as Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah and plans to be soon launching throughout the region. Desert Warrior Challenge is known well for its exciting atmosphere, heart-pumping obstacles, and its high level of organizational execution.


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Those looking for an adventure in AlUla will experience the thrill of a lifetime on the Giant Swing. Head to the Adventure Hub to leap from a mountain’s edge and fly through canyon terrain while taking in gorgeous vista views. This high-adrenaline activity is in a class by itself; there’s simply nothing else like it in the region.

Suspended in the air, a quick release will send you swinging through the high canyon walls in a 70-metre arc, over 85 metres above the ground. The bravest of adventurers can take a running leap from the mountain’s edge. As the swing slows, you will be lowered back to the ground, making your way back to the Adventure Hub.


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Thrill seekers need to look no further than the AlUla Stairway, a magical mountain adventure set in the sky. The first of its kind in the region, the AlUla Stairway takes you up a 45-metre suspended ladder stairway with an exhilarating zipline back down to the valley floor. Embark on a spectacular journey of discovery as you walk the AlUla Stairway, climbing up to the top of one of AlUla’s majestic mountains. Just one of the incredible activities offered at the Adventure Hub, this experience is for the most courageous adventure-seekers. A safety system will allow you to climb the 45-metre-long ladder, soaking in the epic views while keeping you safe. Once at the top, take a breathtaking 150-metre zipline into the canyon below.


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Discover the magnificent desert from canyons high above and test your adventurous side at the AlUla Zipline. Whether it’s the racing speed or gorgeous mountain views, get ready to take your breath away. Experience the Kingdom’s most thrilling zipline, racing a total of 1.5km at up to 120 km/h speed while enjoying the incredible scenery of the AlUla mountains. This year we’ve added an extension, making this dual zipline the longest and fastest of its kind in KSA.


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Zigzag your way across the canyon, suspended in a harness, completing aerial challenges and maneuvering through floating obstacles. Via Ferrata is a spectacular journey enabling non-climbers to experience the world of mountaineering! Aerial challenges and suspended obstacles make up the adventurous route of the Via Ferrata. Just one of our thrilling activities offered at the Adventure Hub, this experience is not for the faint of heart!
A safety system will allow you to move on ladders and bridge elements and explore freely while keeping you safe along the route. Travel up a 200-metre cliff and access the Hammock Net for a unique ‘hangout’ experience. A thrilling adventure not to be missed!


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Experience the thrilling adventure of abseiling down AlUla’s magnificent mountain landscapes. Feel the adrenaline rush as you descend downward and embark on this outdoor journey of a lifetime. Calling all thrill-seekers! Experience the world of mountaineering as you make a controlled descent down one of AlUla’s majestic mountains. Secured in a harness, helmet, and gloves, you’ll safely lower yourself down the towering cliffside to reach the bottom. Experienced climbers and non-climbers alike can partake in this mountain encounter and feel at one with nature.


Adventure Hub, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Take adventure to the next level with rock climbing on the spectacular rocks of AlUla. Enjoy this fun adventure sport while taking in nature’s beauty. Adventurers of all levels will learn the basics of rock climbing during this introductory session and leave with a feeling of achievement, having scaled to new heights. Once secured and safe in a harness, take part in the thrill of climbing upwards to see stunning views of AlUla’s magnificent landscapes. Challenge your mind and body as you move to the top of the cliff for the ultimate accomplishment.